NewNow with our KeyReef WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get ) you can see your pet before purchasing. You order your pet from the KeyReef WYSIWYG and we will send that pet to you, not a different one from a representative photo.

Photography & Screen Displays: Due to differences in the electronic screens, i.e., computer monitors, cell phones, photographic equipment & more your pet may appear differently in color from the imaged displayed in the KeyReef WYSIWYG area.

Shipping InformationFedex
The shipping cost is $62.00 per box Aquatic Live Stock (Up to 50 fish or corals per box Sytrofoam Box, any assortment). Our goal is to ship your pets and supplies as safely as possible and as soon as possible. We will hold your order if weather conditions, traffic conditions or carrier conditions are bad or if there is anything else that might hurt your pet Frost bite clownfish

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