24 Inch SolarmaxHE High Efficiency Double T5 Lighting System
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SolarmaxHE High Efficiency Double T5 Lighting System

24 Inch (14W x 2)
4x Moonlight LEDs
MSRP: $55.00 Sale Price: $13.20

* Dual Daylight Lamps 10,000K and 6,700K
* Light amplifying parabolic reflector 
* Independent lamp control
* Integrated LED moonlights 

Elegant and Sleek: Crafted from pure aluminum for thermal conductivity, the solarmaxHE system makes a bold statement with this sleek and compact design. Special matte black finish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is easy to clean and protects surface from contaminants.

Power and Freedom: Incorporates state of the art electronic ballast technology to run cooler and last longer than conventional systems. Each independently controlled lamp channel is supplied clean stable power for optimal performance. Controls are easily accessible and are located on back of the unit. Moonlight LEDs are preprogrammed to an "always on" state due to their extremely low power consumption. 

Amplify and Focus: Strategically positioned moonlight LEDs are specially tuned and integrated directly into the reflector simulating natural night illumination for a full 24 hour cycle. The main reflector adopts a light amplifying parabolic design polished to a mirror like finish. As a result, lumen output is magnified exponentially increasing both light penetration and coverage. 

Plug and Play: Each unit is ready to go right out of the box! Just plug and play! Each unit also includes optional universal mounting bracket for various applications. 

Safe and Secure: Compression fit, water resistant lamp sockets safely lock lamp pins and electrical connections away from moisture maintaining safe, reliable, high performance operation.

  • Item #: BS-T5-24

24 Inch SolarmaxHE High Efficiency Double T5 Lighting System

Price: $13.20
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