24" T5 Deluxe Aquarium Full Hood 14 Watts
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24" Deluxe Aquarium Full Hood 14 Watts Lamp Type: T5 Input Power: 120V/60Hz Output: 14 Watts Cord Length: 6 ft. Compliment any 24"x12" aquarium with Aquarium Masters deluxe T5 full-hoods. Specifically designs for aesthetic appeal and functionality, Aquarium Masters deluxe full-hoods leads the industry in quality and reliability. The Aquarium Masters deluxe full-hoods provide complete coverage for safety and efficiency. Our front access lid allows quick and easy access for feeding and maintenance while preventing moisture and water escape. Included in every full-hood are moonlight LED's that are strategically positioned and specially tuned to simulate night illumination.

  • Item #: AM59024
  • Manufacturer: Aquarium Masters

24 Inch T5 Deluxe Aquarium Full Hood 14 Watts

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