3W Mini LED Spot Lamp 1.5" - 6,700K
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3W Mini LED Spot Lamp 1.5" - 6,700K 1. High intensity, high lumen 3W LED lamp creates a shimmering effect that simulates natural sunlight. 2. Custom-tuned polycarbonate optic focuses the intense light down into the aquarium for maximum coverage and penetration. 3. Sleek brushed aluminum housing resists corrosion and helps dissipate heat. 4. 10-inch adjustable goose neck , ideal for nanos, betta tanks, and small desktop aquariums. 5. Versatile suction mounting assembly is compatible with glass and acrylic surfaces. 6. Low voltage UL Listed power transformer for maximum safety and power efficiency.

  • Item #: AM42892
  • Manufacturer: Aquarium Masters

3W Mini LED Spot Lamp 1.5" - 6,700K

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