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Blue Spotted Betta Plant Leaf Pad For Betta Fish, Tropical Fish Aquariums and Saltwater Fish Aquariums, By Blue Spotted. The Blue Spotted Betta Leaf Pad is a natural looking leaf, ideal for any bowl or tank, and great for your pet Betta! It provides a perfect resting area for your Betta, and attaches to Betta enclosure via a strong suction mount, allowing your Betta to rest peacefully. To install rinse with cool-running water after removing from package, insert the Betta Leaf Pad stem into the suction cup and attach to your pets tank or bowl about 3/4 inch below the waterline, creating a resting place near the surface and hiding spot for your pet Betta, and helping to create paradise for your pet. The Blue Spotted Betta Leaf Pad provides enjoyment for your Betta and yourself as you relax watching your pet explore and use the new pad.

  • Item #: BS-BLP-G1A1
  • Manufacturer: Blue Spotted

Blue Spotted Betta Plant Leaf Pad For Betta Fish

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