Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus)
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The Coral Banded Shrimp  (Stenopus hispidus) is a very popular in the marine aquarium hobby. It has red and white bands across it's body and long claws, and long white antennae. Although it's body will only grow to 3 inchs, it's antennae add another 3 inches, making it look very impressive in size. 

Shrimp Profile
 From: Carribbean, Cebu, Hawaii,  Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Sumatra
 Maintenance Level: Low
 Disposition: Semi-Aggressive
 Good With Reefs: Yes
 Color: Red, White
 Max Size: 3 Inches
 Aquarium Size: 30 Gallons Plus
 Diet: Carnivore
 Food Types: Krill, Frozen Foods,  Flake Food
 Supplements: Calcium,  Magnesium, Iodine, Trace  Elements
 Water Temp: 72-78°
 pH: 8.1-8.4 
 Specific Gravity: 1.023-1.025 
 dKH: 8-12

It is a cleaner shrimp and will remove damaged tissue, parasites, and other problem items from willing fish. In the wild it lives on coral reefs below the intertidal zone and can be found on pan-tropical and temperate environments around the globe, including the east coast of both North and South America from Canada to Brazil, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Zealand.

The male Coral Banded Shrimp are smaller than the females. Both males and females can be agressive to other shrimp, but tend o not bother fish and corals.


Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 3/4" to 2"; Medium: 2" to 3"

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Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus)

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