Deep Jungle Fogger: Advanced Humidifying Fogger
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Provides essential moisture for the well-being of your pet reptile and amphibians! Designed for silent operation. This cool-mist compact ultrasonic fogger enables you to create a deep jungle rainforest environment in your terrarium. Your tropical rainforest pet, amphibian or reptile will flourish with the right humidity level and environment. Compact design with adjustable flow control. Ready to use, includes advanced mounting clip, extendable hose, bottle and no spill attachment. Can accommodate a standard 2 liter plastic bottle (not included) so you can go longer without refilling water reservoir. High-output, fanless design for silent operation. Promotes health and natural behavior in reptiles. Other items to consider are: Aquarium Masters Digital Thermometer, Blue Spotted Mercury Vapor Lamp, UVB 10.0 Compact Fluorescent, ceramic heat emitter, infrared bulb, Blue Spotted Under The Tank heater, clamp lamp, clamp lamp stand, and deep dome fixture.

  • Item #: BS-HTC-FOGGER
  • Manufacturer: Blue Spotted

Deep Jungle Fogger: Advanced Humidifying Fogger

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