LRS Herbivore Frenzy 8oz
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Do you have large predators, triggers, puffers or eels?

If the answer is yes then the "Cunky" offering from LRS Foods is perfect for you! This blend gives the hobbyist the ability to feed fresh and diverse ingreidients without having to source the seafood or prepare it yourself!

This was previously a "small batch" unlabeled blend requested by maintenance companies for thier clients. Soon stores began to request this coarsely chopped version of our Fish Frenzy blend for retail stores and in-store use. This is now available as our "Chunky" offering.

Like all our blends we peel every shrimp and debone each fish before blending. Only LRS takes these steps to eliminate waste which often goes uneaten and can spike your nutrient levels. LRS repeatedly gets ranked the cleanest food and most popular food on Internet forum polls so we know the extra work is appreciated.

 LRS "Chunky" ingredients:

  • Fresh wild caught scallop
  • Fresh wild caught, peeled shrimp
  • Fresh wild caught ocean perch
  • Squid​
  • E. superba krill
  • Fresh shucked clams
  • Fresh shucked oysters​​
  • Buffered ascorbic acid as an antioxidant
  • D. salina micro-algae 
  • (100% natural beta carotene for pigmentation and immunity boosting properties)
  • LRS probiotic blend


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LRS Chunky Blend 8oz

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