Mexican Turbo Snail - Turbo Fluctuosus
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The Mexican Turbo Snail  (Turbo Fluctuosus) is another snail that is popular in the marine aquarium hobby due to it's ability and need to eat algae. If there is not enough algae in the aquarium it will starve to death, so augment it's diet with Kelp or dried seaweed. Use an algae clip or something to hold the seaweed in place for the snail.  

Snail Profile
 From: Gulf Of California 
 Maintenance Level: Low
 Disposition: Peaceful
 Good With Reefs: yes
 Color: Varies, Brown, Pearl,  Grey
 Max Size: 2"
 Aquarium Size: 20 Gallons Plus
 Diet: Ominvore
 Food Types: Omnivore
 Water Temp: 72-78°
 pH: 8.1-8.4 
 Specific Gravity: 1.023-1.025 
 dKH: 8-12

As with most invertebrates, the Mexican Turbo Snail does not tolerate copper-based medications or high nitrite levels. It is also sensitive to water chemistry changes, such as pH, and water temperature changes. It can acclimate to diverse water conditions if the changes are made in small incremental amounts.

Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4" to 2";

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Mexican Turbo Snail - Turbo Fluctuosus

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