ORA® Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) Captive-Bred
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The ORA® Lined Seahorse, Captive-Bred, (Hippocampus erectus) is one of the US native species that ranges from Nova Scotia, Canada and the northern Gulf of Mexico all the way down to Panama and Venezuela. It is one of the hardiest species and it will grow to a maximum length of 7.5”. 

Fish Profile
 From: ORA® Captive Bred
 Maintenance Level: Moderate
 Disposition: Peaceful
 Good With Reef: Yes
 Color Variation:  Yellow, Black, Tan
 Max Size: 7.5"
 Diet: Carnivore
 Food Types: Frozen Mysis Shrimp, Live Brine Shrimp
 Water Temp: 72°-78°
 pH:  8.1-8.4
 Specific Gravity: 1.020 -1.025
 dKH: 8-12

ORA’s® Lined Seahorses will thrive on frozen mysis and should be fed at least 2 to 3 times a day. Their diet may be supplemented by running a refugium attached to the tank.

Approximate Purchase Size: Small 1-1/2" to 2 1/2", Medium 2-1/2” to 3-1/2”, Large 3 1/2" to 5", X-Large 5" to 7"

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ORA® Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) Captive-Bred

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