Rimless Reef Ready Coral Frag Tanks

Aquarium Masters Rimless Reef Ready Coral Frag Aquariums has one or more prefilters installed, is drilled in one or more corners of the aquarium and or the center, uses Distoration-free glass & Diamond polished edges and has the features listed below.

These aquariums will compliment any home or office. With beauty and functionality every aquarium is rigorously inspected to exceed industry standards and expectations. Included in all rimless aquariums are diamond polished edges for safety and commercial grade black silicone sealant for aesthetic appeal and to prevent capillary action and leakage. 

  • Diamond polished edges
  • Distortion free glass
  • Corner or center overflow with patented flow rate system
  • Reef Ready Plumbing Kit
  • 1" drain and 3/4" return
  • Limited Warranty On All Glass Aquariums
  • A variety of lighting systems are available for all sizes 
  • All sizes include a bottom black trim.

What is a Frag Aquarium? A Frag aquarium is low in height and wide for growing fragments of coral. The low height allows light to reach the coral, enabling the algae that live within the coral to turn the light into sugar for energy which is transferred the coral. The coral creates carbon dioxide which the algae uses.

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