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The Tiger Brittle Starfish -
(Ophiactis) is a wonderful addition to any reef aquarium clean up crew! These small starfish work their way into all the small spaces in your rockwork to clean up left over food and detritus. They are generally gray in color with black bands running along the arms giving them their "Tiger" nickname. These are not full size brittle starfish as they max out at around 5" across the length of their arms.

Invertebrate Profile
 From: Marshall Islands
 Maintenance Level: Easy
 Disposition: Peaceful
 Max Size: 5"
 Waterflow: Moderate
 Good With Corals: Yes
 Color: Black, Gray
 Diet: Detrivore
 Food Types: Meaty Foods
 Supplements: Trace Elements,  Iodine
 Water Temp: 72°-78°
 pH:  8.1-8.4
 Specific Gravity: 1.023 -1.025
 dKH: 8-12


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Tiger Brittle Starfish - Ophiactis - Islander Sale!

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